Days out with my nephew

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LesleyPB Sun 03-Dec-17 12:01:50

I'm the auntie and new to East Yorkshire (HU19) ... took aleap of faith and quit everything to move up here. My nephew will be visiting to stay for a few days Spring / Summer (and Christmas this year...whoop!) and wondered if anyone had any ideas for days out, places to visit? So around the coast (appreciate beach fun), over to Hull, up to Beverley... etc etc. I have to watch the pennies now as took a big pay cut but want to ensure Nicholas (8 going on 20) enjoys himself. I'm down to earth and a big kid myself so we do have a laugh when we head out. He also likes to know how things work from an engineering point, bless him. Oh, and he wants to be a policeman so if anyone knows anywhere that has visiting police, he will be on Cloud 9!! Thank you Lesley

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iseenodust Wed 13-Dec-17 13:47:12

Welcome !
The Deep is fab and you can turn your day ticket into a year round one for no extra cost so becomes a bargain.
The council swimming pool at Bridlington has slides.
A less well known beach is Fraisthorpe and then have a cake here Cowshed.
The Streetlife Museum is free and has a number of old vehicles.
You can stand on the Scale Lane swing bridge as it opens.

LesleyPB Thu 14-Dec-17 08:58:33

Thank you so much!! Will look up the beach and street life museum definitely x

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