Respite for young adults with learning difficulties and special support

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shiring007 Thu 30-Nov-17 12:13:54

My name is Shirin and I live in Twickenham Road (near Richmond). I used to be a scientist at GSK (I have a PhD degree from UCL) and was doing respite for people over 18 with learning difficulties as a part time job which is a very rewarding job ever smile.

Recently, I am doing a full time respite-care and I am happy to respite anyone you know who needs my support.

I am trained to respite people with autism and down syndrome.
I can easily accommodate others once I get to know them.
I have two spare rooms in my place and you are more than welcome to visit them.
I understand that there are many respite companies around however what I can offer is different as your love ones will come to my family and I make them feel like at home.
I am happy to provide a reference upon request.
whether it's covering a two-week holiday, a short break or urgently because of sickness, I am here when you need me.
Here is my email address:

I look forward to hearing from you and please pass this to anyone who might need my help.

Thank you.

Shirin wink

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