Feeling guilty need advice FTM

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Ellsbells0207 Sat 25-Nov-17 08:26:05

Hi everyone...
First thread so not really sure what to expect but have something on my mind. My DS was born Oct 17, he's 6 1/2 weeks old I love him to pieces as you all probably know the feeling. I haven't really been out since having him, once or twice for an hour or two down the pub with The SO or my girlfriends when my parents offer to look after LO. Even when I'm only out for an hour or two I feel guilty. Me and my SO live apart (halfway there to a mortgage deposit) so he has had nights away from DS and has been out with his friends to wet the baby's head which is fine, however my girlfriends asked me if I want to go out and after a lot of thought I asked SO if he feels confident enough to have DS for the night and he's said yes, however I can't help but feel guilty for going out for the night with my friends. Pre pregnancy I was out every weekend and I do miss it but I feel so bad for leaving LO alone with his dad for the night. My parents have given me a hard time for it as well and we had a full blown argument last night as they've said I'm a mum not a "single girl who can go and party anymore" and I think another reason I feel guilty is because he's still very young. Now the days come round I don't know whether to go because as much as I want to I can't help but feel guilty sad I need advice!

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