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Looking for mummy friends

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Laur8489 Thu 23-Nov-17 22:35:12

Hi my names laura, I live in Swindon I am first time mum my little boy is 5months old!! and looking for some mummy friends 😊

Bella8 Thu 23-Nov-17 23:03:40

Good luck, I have a 9 month old but live up north so unfortunately no where near Swindon. Hope you find some local mummy's! It's tough being at home all day with a baby and I always find friends without babies just don't understand confused

AlpacaLypse Fri 24-Nov-17 14:26:10

Hi, I'm afraid I'm about 15 miles away, and my girls are teenagers now. I found my best network for making mummy friends was getting chatting at mother and baby groups. Four of us who first met at antenatal are still mates now nearly 20 years later! I picked up a few more along the way at toddler groups and then nursery and then school gate...

One of my dearest friends in the baby stage I met in the supermarket. I had twins, and me and the other two local mums of tiny twins and I had exchanged phone numbers and agreed to check with each other before heading out shopping as there was only one suitable trolley. I was a bit annoyed to find that despite checking the trolley wasn't there when I arrived, so I ended up with a double buggy and pulling a trolley behind me. When I found the twin trolley, it had twins in it - and as she turned towards me it became patently obvious there was going to be another baby very imminently too! I immediately introduced myself, it turned out she'd just been posted with her husband who was an army officer and like many officers families didn't want to live in a garrison town, and was delighted to start making new friends. Anyway, being chatty when out and about can produce all sorts of possibilities!

tr2408m Sat 27-Jan-18 10:57:25

Hiya I live in Calne and have a 19 month old boy, be great to be friends. Feel free to message me 07523 805175 x x

Lisham Sun 11-Feb-18 23:30:09

Hi I have a 22 mth old now, happy to meet up anytime. I have lived in Swindon now for 18yrs. It’s hard to meet people here, in fact my friends are Nct mums I met in class. So I know how lonely it can be.

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