Hotwells Primary School

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clarajulia Thu 23-Nov-17 20:59:30

Hello, I am about to move to Bristol and we have found place for our daughters in Hotwells Primary School. Have anyone recently information about this school?

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tumpymummy Sun 26-Nov-17 23:27:06

Hi Clarajulia, Hotwells is a really good primary school. If you can get a place there I would take it. A few years ago it was really hard to get a place there. School is rated outstanding by Ofsted.

MsJudgemental Tue 28-Nov-17 09:36:38

It is a good school but not great for SEN.

Katesmith78 Sun 17-Dec-17 21:40:14

Hello, sorry what is SEN? We are thinking of sending our daughter to Hotwells and want to get other parents thoughts on the school.

jennymac31 Mon 18-Dec-17 21:25:17

SEN stands for special educational needs.

I live in Bristol but unfortunately am not too familiar with hotwells school.

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