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Cuddington Croft Primary School

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cycde Thu 23-Nov-17 13:39:59

Hi, does anyone know which schools the kids of this school normally go to afterwards? Your insight is much appreciated!

LadyWithLapdog Fri 24-Nov-17 10:16:38

Hi, I think it depends if you're Surrey or Sutton. So Blenheim, Rosebery or Cheam High, Overton Grange. Or obviously Nonsuch, Sutton Grammar, Wellington, Wilson for the grammars.

LadyWithLapdog Fri 24-Nov-17 10:17:15

Also a few others for boys.

cycde Fri 24-Nov-17 10:38:19

Thanks LadyWithLapdog! That's very helpful!

Annawin3 Sun 26-Nov-17 23:45:21

It’ll depend on your address, and the 11+ exam result as to the likelihood of getting into any particular school that’s been listed above...

Annawin3 Sun 26-Nov-17 23:46:53

And a fair few tend to go onto private schools - Sutton high, Ewell castle, etc

cycde Mon 27-Nov-17 09:03:27

Thank you! Do you by any chance know how many kids went to Wilson in recent years?

LadyWithLapdog Tue 28-Nov-17 17:46:28

My DD says a couple of years ago it was 1-2 to Wilson's, 5-6 to Sutton Grammar, 12 girls to Nonsuch, 2 to Wallington and 1 to Tiffins.

cycde Tue 28-Nov-17 18:22:43

Thanks! That’s good to know. Seems like girls did better smile

LadyWithLapdog Tue 28-Nov-17 22:12:50

Or my DD knows more about her friends smile

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