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Hquincey Wed 22-Nov-17 21:47:37

Please can anyone recommend any hood sports schools in MK? I’m looking to move to MK ASAP and need a sporty school for my sons who are extremely sporty.... live, eat, sleep, dream sport! Particular sports in which they have been involved I. For some time are cricket, football, rugby and table tennis. All advice is very much appreciated smile

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bunbunny Wed 22-Nov-17 22:15:37

Ds is at Denbigh and it's very sporty.

There's a full blown football academy in the 6th form, rugby's not quite so strong but ds plays on the team for his age group and I think they win the MK trophy but not the Bucks county one last year. They've had lots of success at a national level in badminton over the last decade or so, they have ping pong tables outside for everyone to play at break time and do it in lessons, they have lots or county and nationally ranked players in all sorts of sports.

There are lots of successful old boys and girls that have become successful sports people - currently Greg Rutherford (gold medal at London olympics for long jump) and Ed Slater (premiership rugby player who has played a bit for England until having injury worries) are the two big names that people will probably have heard of.

As a bonus the school is currently getting the best results in MK for o and a levels, they are leading research into bringing the Chinese way of teaching maths over here and acting as a hub (or something like that), they have an art and tech specialism, a team of 6th form girls won the English heat of the Land Rover RC car challenge and are the only all girl team brought to the world finals next month.

There's probably more too but we have been impressed with the school over the last year and a term. Pm me if you want more info!

RedSkyAtNight Thu 23-Nov-17 08:00:49

I don't think any state school is going to be great for sport (DS in Y9 at Walton high has 1 hour of PE a week) so you'd probably be best of looking at out of school sports where they will have more time to play, and to a higher standard.

Walton High offers after school sports clubs pretty much every day of the week (not Friday) and has numerous sports teams in a wide variety of sports (certainly cricket, football and rugby, not sure about table tennis), plus they have an in-school fitness gym. I would imagine most of other local schools are very similar.

Hquincey Thu 23-Nov-17 08:12:31

Thank you for your reply...I’ll defo look into it 😁

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Hquincey Thu 23-Nov-17 08:13:29

Thank you for your reply! I’ll defo look into it 😁

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