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Big toddlers

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Donnamarie42 Tue 21-Nov-17 16:00:50

Hi my little girl is just a fraction under 36 inches tall and 15.5 kg can anyone tell me if she is considered a big toddler or is she a normal height and weight wise as worried she might be too big she is also 23 months old

IrishMum94 Tue 21-Nov-17 17:29:26

Every child is so unique in height and weight It can be a lot to do with genes. I am not a qualified pediatrician but I would say Id ur concern is strong to consult a doctor on the matter, all in all if she is healthy and happy that’s a great sign

SatsumasRock Tue 21-Nov-17 17:58:15

According to the red book, it's pretty high on the percentile scale - but it also says she's pretty tall for her age.

Do you have a Sure Start weigh-in place you can check with a health visitor?

Donnamarie42 Wed 22-Nov-17 06:43:17

Thank you ladie's, the reason i posted is because i get a lot of people asking how old she is and when i say she is only 23 months all i get is isn't she big for her age which then worries me if she is too big , i think i will take your advice and take her to the health visitor as i seem to have misplaced her red book other than this i have no other major concern's she is quite a happy and energetic little girl

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