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How to make your baby’s first Christmas magical - your thoughts?

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LocalEditorNottingham Tue 21-Nov-17 11:14:12

We’ve received this request (on such a lovely topic!), from Alex, a journalism student, who would welcome any responses by Friday 24th November.

Hello there,

I am a trainee magazine writer currently studying at Nottingham Trent University and working on a piece titled ‘How to make your baby’s first Christmas magical.’ I was wondering if anyone on Mumsnet Nottingham could give me some advice or tips on what to include?

If possible, please include your own age and the current ages of your children. I’ll need to include a name for you if quoted in the article but will happily use a pseudonym and can choose one for you, if you prefer. Any anecdotes or personal experiences would be really helpful too!

The feature is for an assignment and may be featured on my university website if it gets positive feedback.

Thanks in advance!
Alexandra Chrysostomou

Silenenutans Tue 21-Nov-17 15:12:48

I seem to remember spending a lot of time on Christmas Day watching her unwrap presents. She was of course more interested in the wrapping paper than the contents. The Grandparents were more interested in watching her unwrap than in the contents of their presents too!

Really, I think it's all about gathering family together and the general sense of excitement and enjoyment, which babies certainly pick up upon (as well as contributing towards).

DD is five now, was 8 months. I was in my thirties!

Birdhouseinmysoul Wed 22-Nov-17 22:34:10

Well, there is a certain amount of entertainment to be had by dressing them up in a cute costume and taking a photo for your family Christmas card. Might I suggest a Christmas pudding outfit? Reindeer accessories work well too grin

6, 1, 39 and usually more sensible!

LocalEditorNottingham Sat 25-Nov-17 10:44:51

A few thoughts gathered via our other media:

'I do recall that A's main pressie was a diddy paddling pool in the corner of the family room full of those 'softplay balls' (he was nigh on one by his first Christmas) which he loved and kept him entertained. Think it's easier once they've got siblings (if they have them) as the little ones 'feed off' their excitement. O walked her first steps on Christmas Day which we have on video, with A encouraging her to walk to him.'

'I would say sowing the seeds for starting a family tradition that continues every Christmas... For example the Christmas stocking that contains the same (but varied to accommodate age..) items. Same Christmas Eve supper, film to watch... Buying them a named Christmas stocking that they use into adulthood...'

'Make handprint Christmas decorations. Fun to make and a lovely memento for future Christmases.'

'what about building on a collectible item that could potentially become a family heirloom - such as nice editions of classic children's books?'

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