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Hatty666 Tue 21-Nov-17 09:31:56

Hi, not long moved here as a family. My dd age 17 has chosen to start an apprenticeship rather than go to college. Unfortunately this has left her a bit out of sight out of mind with her old school friends, despite a lot of effort on her part. Does anyone know of any friendly 17years olds or best thing for her to do to meet some?

Ta1kinPeace Tue 21-Nov-17 12:44:05

What sports does she play ?
Saturday job in a fashion shop?
Music? Drama ? Dance ?
It sort of depends on her interests!

YolkyYellow Fri 30-Mar-18 11:32:02

Me and my boyfriend live in Lymington which is about 30 minutes from Southampton, I'm 19 and he's 18 and we've also been a bit isolated from our old friends. It might not be exactly what you had in mind but we're looking to meet some new people too.

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