Unwanted baby clothes?

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Misslemon01 Sat 18-Nov-17 19:45:52

Hello! I am due in the new year (first time mother) and wondered if anyone was looking to get rid of old baby clothes or equipment at all? Very happy to come collect. Thank you.

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redtiger1079 Mon 20-Nov-17 14:38:23

I just gave ours to the charity shop last week!!! Check your local parents group on Facebook as there are often clothes being given away on there

Misslemon01 Mon 20-Nov-17 22:30:45

Thank you @redtiger1079 ! smile

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Zanux Sat 25-Nov-17 20:56:50

Hi how far are you? I got loads of stuff.

Zanux Sat 25-Nov-17 20:59:02

Sorry just checked Google you are very far from me x

Misslemon01 Sun 26-Nov-17 22:34:22

@Zanux thank you for checking smile whereabouts in Islington are you, and is my postcode shown in my posts? (Oh dear!)

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