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Mother and baby observation

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D2017 Sat 18-Nov-17 18:36:40

Calling all new mums/mums to be to take part in an observation!

Firstly, congratulations! flowers

My name is Dianna and I am doing a masters in Psycho-dynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents at Birkbeck University, London (but I live in Bedfordshire).

Part of my course requires me to carry out an observation of the actual process of how a mother/parents/family members and a baby forms an attachment and to observe the natural development of a oppose to just reading all about it! It's such a beautiful and fascinating study.

I would need to complete 30 observation sessions over a period of a year- so breaks/holidays/seasonal holidays are still definitely ok!
The baby will need to be between 7-10 days old at the start of the observation and includes me coming to your home for an hour, once a week (to reduce any hassle and to be in a settled environment). It is not to assist or make any judgments on parenting skills, just solely for my observations as a course requirement!

I am more than happy to show any proof/DBS or simply to answer any questions you may have! I would just love the opportunity to carry out these observations as it will give me a real insight into child development and how attachments are formed in the first year...and obviously I would like to pass this awesome module on my course too!

If you are interested in taking part and doing something new or know of someone who would be, just simply reply back on here or drop me a text on 07932557802. I'd love to hear from you! smile

Thank you so much in advance!!

Kindest regards,


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