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relocatingmummy Fri 17-Nov-17 21:45:45

My DS has been invited to do the assessment for year 3 entry to BSC. Do any of you have any information about the assessment so I can prepare my son a little?
Also could any BSC answer a couple of questions... how all round do you find the school? We know it has a strong academic reputation but we would like more than that. How do the children find saturday school from such a young age?
Thank you

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justquerying Thu 03-May-18 11:23:34

relocating mummy - or anyone else who has any clue about the assessment process at Bishops Stortford College...
We are moving house and our kids will do the assessment exams at BSC for years 3 and 6 this year. Does anyone know how competitive these are? Do academically average kids get in or are there so many applicants per place that it is actually very competitive?
Thanks to anyone who has any idea!

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