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Felixismyhero Wed 15-Nov-17 23:53:00

Hi All, does anyone have experience of QEGS Junior School?
Academically it looks good but is the pastoral care just as good? Thinking of moving our current year 3 DS who is quite a sensitive, shy lad and a little worried about how he would integrate into an established class.
Also (slightly separate question), does anyone have experience of the travel time from Mirfield or know if many other Mirfield boys go there?

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Ouchiebum Thu 16-Nov-17 13:26:53

My son goes and is very happy. They focus on getting the best from the boys and he loves it. Only thing I would say is that it’s quite sport focussed, so if he’s more creative it might not be for him. No idea re travel times from mirfield! If there’s any specifics you want to know feel free to ask.

Siandan Wed 03-Oct-18 21:17:28

Parents Perspective: All of my sons have been through QEGS Junior School. Their “all boy ethos” is somewhat misleading. If your child is sporty then he may very well thrive in this environment. Male teachers wear tracksuits most of the time and their is a “jock” mentality. Some of the parents are evangelical about the school and will offer a distorted view (to anyone that listens) on life at QEGS. There is a simple formula to helping your child through Junior School. Get on the PTA and be as visible as possible. What you put in, your son will get out. The Head is fantastic and intolerable at the same time. You will not understand this until you have read a few of her newsletters and attended a number of Speech Days. Each school year is different and my sons experiences have been mixed, so choose very carefully as it’s not for everyone. If you ask the “QEGLETS” if they like their school they will undoubtedly tell you it’s great - they are constantly reminded of this by the faculty. In hindsight i wished we had looked at other schools more closely. I hope this will bring some balance to some of the reviews i’ve seen. Just remember all independent schools are businesses first. There are many other good schools out there.

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