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CarlaJardim Wed 15-Nov-17 13:53:03

Hi we are thinking to move to Yeovil next year 2018 in the summer time.
I would like to know which best school are there, primary and secondary? Any help? Many Thanks, Carla

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Gem25turn Tue 28-Nov-17 09:26:04

Hi I’ve recently moved to Yeovil last month and my daughter starts primary school in sept 2018 I’ve applied for three schools top pick is one being built on my new estate which will be called kingfisher primary school they are currently based in another school until it’s finished, another one which is meant to be excellent is holy trinity primary school and another good one is all saints church school in montacute. There is one called abbey manor primary school by me but that’s meant to be very ovwr crowded so I’ve not applied for that. Unsure on secondary schools though as my children are not old enough to attend one yet. Hope this helps ☺️ X

moodyblues Tue 28-Nov-17 23:17:44

Yes, holy trinity is good, also Huish Primary. Preston primary (on Abbey Manor housing Estate) is great but it is overcrowded.

I would avoid Reckleford and St Michaels Academy.

There is also Birchfield, Milford and St Gildas - not sure about these three, I think they are ok.

Oh, also Oaklands is quite good I believe. Chilthorne Domer Primary is just outside Yeovil and I would probably go for that. in fact research the smaller primaries in the villages,might be a better experience!

Secondaries are all the same, Westfield, Preston and Buckers Mead are all in Yeovil, Preston has recently had a bad ofsted but they have a new head so it could just be bad timing.

Westfield was great for my son, he did well academically there, I think the staff were good and facilities weren't bad. Don't know much about Bucklers Mead. There is also Stanchester in Stoke just outside Yeovil which was terrible but I think has a good head who is greatly improving things.

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