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Sick of all the pep talk!

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amydolittle Wed 15-Nov-17 13:52:48

I have 5 weeks til my due date, it feels like years since I had a good night out, or could walk normally, or had a conversation with anyone that wasn't about impending parenthood.
Don't get me wrong I really wanted to start a family, and I can't wait to meet my baby, but pregnancy is so boring!
If one more person tells me it's all worth it, I'm looking wonderful, and I'm starting an exciting new chapter in my life I will scream!
Anyone feeling the same?!

A2014 Wed 15-Nov-17 20:51:41

Just wait until you actually have the baby and you are a sleep-deprived ball of hormones and people tell you to ‘just enjoy this time’, ‘it goes so quickly’, or my personal favourite ‘this is the easy part’. It drove me crazy both times!!

Congratulations though, pregnancy is boring and I know by the time I was teaching the 35-36 week point I was very ready to have that baby. It is all totally worth it though grin

HMC2000 Tue 21-Nov-17 11:10:36

The good news is that people will stop describing you as a "mum to be". That pissed me off so much, I went on a rant in Boots.

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