Volunteer pregnant mum kindly needed

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SofiaRem Tue 14-Nov-17 11:57:02

Hello lovely mums,
My name is Sofia, I live and work in Watford and I am a Child Psychotherapist trainee.
I am looking for a volunteer pregnant mum that is about to give birth in January-March, as part of my training is 60 hours mother-infant observation so we trainees can better understand that magical period and what theories say about it :-)This takes place once a week for 1 hour at a place of the mum’s choice.
If a mum is interested to volunteer please message me directly at sofia_rem@hotmail.com, I would be happy to have a chat about it and answer any question.
Thank you!

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Stormforce28 Fri 17-Nov-17 18:18:54

Dear Expectant mums

My name is Sara and I am a trainee child and adolescent psychotherapist . As part of my training I need to observe for one hour a week a mother and her baby for a period of 18 months . I would consider this a real privilege and would be extremely grateful. My email should you wish to know more and have a chat is reysar@gmail.com
Many thanks

Sara Rey

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