From SE England to Polmont?

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UltraBoyRuns Tue 14-Nov-17 07:41:02

I'm considering moving from Kent to Polmont (or nearby) and looking for opinions on the area.

Having been up recently to identify areas, transport links, schools, facilities Polmont looks like a great place to bring up my 3 year old, reduce my current (4hour daily) commute and effectively improve our living.

I'm a graphic designer, my partner is a small animal vet, she would want to work relatively locally and I'd be happy to travel to Edinburgh/Glasgow/Stirling/etc for a job.

I wondered if anyone else had experience similar in terms of moving and job advice and are Polmont and the surroundings as pleasant as they look? (and yes I did see the prison and I really wasn't put off).

Thoughts/experiences appreciated

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Candog Sat 25-Nov-17 23:12:16

It's not an especially attractive place, but I've heard it's a nice place to live . Reassuringly close to the hospital. Good train service to Edinburgh and Stirling. Within day trip distance of lovely countryside.

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