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Moving to Reading with a 2 year old

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Suzyseaweed Sun 12-Nov-17 19:12:04

Hello and help! We are moving to Reading from the USA and are clueless about nurseries and primary schools. We are looking at The Heights as a seemingly good fit for our son but he's only 2 (3 in August). What nurseries do you love? Are there any attached to outstanding primary schools and does going to the nursery increase chances of getting a place? Also what are pros and cons of nursery vs childminder? Ours is a social kid!

MrsJamin Mon 13-Nov-17 06:40:15

Hi suzy, welcome to Reading! When your child is three they can get preschool sessions for 15 hours per week. If you're working though, it's better to use a nursery at that age, or there are some childminders that would do preschool run for you. I've preferred childminders if it's a long day as they are more of a home from home, can also have lots of other children to play with etc. Putting a child in a nursery connected to a school will not in any way affect your chances of getting a school place, it is completely disregarded. The main reason people do it is for the child to get used to the school and to make friends with children they may go to school with. You'll need live close to the data point for the heights as I think it is getting more popular the cut off distance for 2017 admission was 0.888 miles from it. I don't know where they measure this to, it's not the temporary venue for the school. I am sure you can find it here.

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