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Primary Schools in Altrincham

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kittenge Thu 09-Nov-17 22:11:20

I'm moving to Altrincham soon on Heyes Lane Timperley and I've been given a choice for my daughter of Heyes Lane or Park Road. Does anyone have advice on the best preference?

Monr0e Fri 01-Dec-17 14:46:37

How did you get on kittenge?

My DC go to Heyes lane. I'm happy to answer any question you might have

mah24 Wed 22-May-19 23:40:04

Hi Kittenege,

I just posted a similar question, we are thinking to buy a house in the same area. Did you move into this area and how is your feedback in term of area and both schools you mentioned?

Which one is better Park Road or Hayes Lane PS?

@Monr0e - Hi, I hope you can help. Please see link my thread. If you kindly answer some of the questions I have that will be appreciated.


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