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Lynxlynx14 Thu 09-Nov-17 13:21:24

Hi - we’re looking for move to Poets Corner W3 in the next few months. We have 2 girls in Yr2 & Nursery and I’d love any any advice/opinions on local schools; specifically East Acton, Ark Byron & Derwentwater. Pros & cons would be great fully received!

Rhayader Sat 18-Nov-17 12:13:59

The Ark schools have a good reputation. I dont think Ark byron is actually open yet and they are in a temp building, but it will probably be a better school than Derwentwater which doesnt have a great rep although i do not actually know anyone who send their kids there. Derwenwater doesnt get very good exam results or ofsted but that could be explained by its high level of ESL.

If you are christian there is st Vincents which does well academically and in ofsted, they prioritise Catholic but last year anyone could get in, even non christian.

Butttons Thu 21-Dec-17 00:04:37

My DC has been at Ark Byron since September. We preferred it to Ark Priory when we viewed them for reception entry last year. Derwentwater was lovely when we viewed it and I found it really hard to decide our preference after seeing them. The children seemed really happy, nice setup for reception age children (away from the bigger ones) and it reminded me a lot of my old school from the '80s. I'd definitely try and make appointments to see both and meet the respective heads.

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