Does anyone know East Park in Hull please?

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Bourdic Wed 08-Nov-17 16:13:07

I’ve some questions I want to ask if you do please

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Babybauble Wed 08-Nov-17 21:08:52

I do, been there at least 5 times this year alone smile

Bourdic Wed 08-Nov-17 21:14:45

Can I pm you please - it’s a bit identifying?

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Mumthedogsbeensick Wed 08-Nov-17 21:33:34

It’s local to me if I can help smile

Babybauble Wed 08-Nov-17 22:05:13

Sure smile

iseenodust Thu 09-Nov-17 08:17:00

If you can frame your questions to maintain your privacy seems there are a few of us who could provide a variety of responses.

Terry394king Thu 09-Nov-17 20:56:44

An ex friend runs the café in the park. Knowing her from years ago I imagine it's a bit chaotic!!

MimsyBorogroves Fri 10-Nov-17 21:13:15

Yes, I know it well.

SierraFerrara Sun 12-Nov-17 22:28:45


SierraFerrara Sun 12-Nov-17 22:29:10

Feel free to message. Hull born and bred.

MyNameIsLola Fri 17-Nov-17 20:59:02

Another local here, feel free to PM me smile

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