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Grammar schools

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Busymummy50 Wed 08-Nov-17 01:22:39

Are there any grammar schools in Cambridgeshire?

We are looking to move into Cambridgeshire. Our eldest doesn't like too much school work while youngest loves school so we are looking at options of a good state school for our eldest but also the opportunity for the youngest to attend grammar if she ends up keeping up with her work.

CityCentre Wed 08-Nov-17 10:35:41

No. Cambridgeshire has comprehensives in the state system (and then independents, some of which are selective).

Which bit are you looking to move to? Cambridge city has many good state schools that are comprehensive, but cater very well for high achievers.

mastertomsmum Wed 08-Nov-17 11:59:43

It's arguable that the entrance tests for Perse Upper and Stephen Perse are 11+ style tests. My son took them last year and they are certainly similar kinds of tests to the 11+. The history of these 2 schools is that, prior to the introduction of comprehensives in Cambridge in the early 1970s, those who passed the 11+ with top percentages were offered scholarships to the Perse Boys and Perse Girls as they then were.

Also, Manor (now North Cambridge Academy) and Impington were secondary moderns but had grammar streams. But enough of ancient history.

Many secondaries in Cambridge, inc St Bedes, Chesterton, set the children CAT (cognative ability tests) just as they start in Year 7. These tests are v.v. like 11+. Additionally, they are already getting much more of an 11+ style approach to learning than comprehansives of the recent past. In fact, I think my son's secondary feels like a cross between a grammar school and an independent school. I have experience of both.

RockNRollNerd Wed 08-Nov-17 13:41:36

Also be aware of people mentioning Newport Grammar near Saffron Walden. It hasn’t been a grammar for years but kept the name and only changed to Joyce Franklin Academy in the last couple of years.

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