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*Primary Schools in Mill Hill - Courtland School?*

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Pandamamamonium Tue 07-Nov-17 18:22:53

Hi all, my husband and nearly 1 yr old daughter are looking to move to Mill Hill and are looking for honest opinions and recommendations on the best schools; are there particulars schools/ roads we should consider?

We came across Courtland School, which looks excellent from the OFSTED scorings - but then some anecdotal feedback from a Mum in the area and a google review has suggested that it’s not an ‘academic’ school and that the excellent results are due to parents arranging tutoring. I have also heard some negative feedback about the headmistress - described as arrogant and cocky :-/

Welcome any advice - including whether you think there’s a trade off between inflated house prices to be close to an excellent state school and private schooling


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