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6th Forms in Richmond/Twickenham

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Sayatidaknama Tue 07-Nov-17 12:38:44

DS is applying for 6th form now. We've just returned from overseas. He's hoping for a place at Tiffin but needs lots of back up, of course. We've only got Orleans Park and Teddington possibly on the list so far but I've heard A level results not so good there. Any recommendation or advice?

Twick13 Tue 07-Nov-17 15:24:06

Waldegrave sixth form is achieving good results and has boys in sixth form. Depending where you are Greycourt could be an option.
Esher College has a good reputation but you maybe too late.
Strodes is also worth a look.
Orleans results are mixed .some do very well some struggle with the transition from GCSE,s. It’s quite a school environment.

Sayatidaknama Tue 07-Nov-17 17:17:46

Thanks. I meant to say he's applying for a place now for next year. Does that mean we are still too late for Esher ? I nothing about it or Strodes but will take a look.

Twick13 Tue 07-Nov-17 18:16:09

If you are looking at Sept 2018 I think you are too late for Esher.
Just a thought if you are Catholic St Marks in Hounslow has good results. Also st Richard Reynolds sixthform will be opening but this will be untested

inchyrablue Wed 08-Nov-17 09:09:06

Open evenings/mornings for the state schools are all around now. I’d try to visit them if that is possible.

LottieProsser Wed 08-Nov-17 18:18:54

You have missed the deadline for Esher. I visited 4 6th forms last autumn - Waldegrave, Teddington, Orleans Park and Grey Court and thought they were all good. Don't go just on the results as the intake is different - some of the children taking A-levels in state 6th forms have been pushed out of Tiffins or private schools as their results aren't good enough. Waldegrave is quite selective as it is very over subscribed but easier for a boy to get in. The entry requirements for Tiffin boys this year were quite a lot lower than for the girls school.

Sayatidaknama Wed 08-Nov-17 23:36:17

Thanks for the advice. Does anyone know if there is a later opportunity to apply for Esher i.e. post results or is the Oct deadline it? Also if you have a sister(s) at Waldegrave does that have any effect on 6th form application for boys, does anyone know?

inchyrablue Thu 09-Nov-17 08:44:33

You can find the over subscription criteria here;- Waldegrave Sixth Admissions

tw11 Thu 09-Nov-17 10:49:33

@LottieProsser did you also visit Esher? just curious, what's your/your DD's preference?

LottieProsser Thu 09-Nov-17 17:50:56

Hi, no you can't apply to Esher later - there is a waiting list of 200 and places are offered to those on it as other people with places turn them down. As the applications to Esher close so early (end of September) lots of people apply and then hang onto their places for months or indefinitely until either they definitely decide to go someone else or they don't get the grades. tw11 - yes my daughter actually got into Esher in the end from the waiting list and is there. It was her first choice as she couldn't do the subjects she wanted in the school 6th forms. So far it's going very well and I am quite impressed by how well organised Esher is considering there are about 800 in each year.

ChippyMinton Thu 09-Nov-17 20:02:30

St Marks doesn't have a Catholic criteria for the 6th form, it's open to all provided you meet the GCSE grades (and I think they interview). Check the website for the application deadline.

LottieProsser Fri 10-Nov-17 12:15:13

Meant to add to my post above that we found that the school 6th forms theoretically offer quite a broad range of A-levels but when my daughter got to the interview most of them said she couldn't do all the ones she wanted as they clashed on the timetable. This isn't such a problem if you are doing a classic set of A-levels eg. Physics, Chemistry, Maths but most school 6th forms only seem to have one group for a lot of the subjects so you are slightly vulnerable. This problem may only emerge at the time of registration in September - we were lucky that it became clear earlier and that a place at Esher finally came up in May. Esher has far more groups for each subject so they can usually meet any combination! We also went to look at Strodes which seemed good to me as well but my daughter didn't like it as much (she hates anywhere with a slightly traditional feel hence her aversion to Waldegrave!). It's a bit of a trek from this area - sounds OK on paper if you are near Twickenham or Richmond station and can get a direct train but trains can go wrong and it's expensive if that's an issue.

Localher0 Fri 23-Feb-18 14:53:57

sayatidaknama - just wondered if your son has heard from Tiffin boys yet? We're waiting......

sayatidaknama Fri 09-Mar-18 16:15:25

Localher0 sorry only just seen this - had a standard email a couple of weeks ago saying they are still waiting to hear back from various schools re references before arranging interviews. I'm not expecting my DS to be called for interview now.

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