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Doingmybestmum Mon 06-Nov-17 09:39:26

Morning all. Anyone who knows Milkwood Road will be aware that it is a road of two halves: to Lowden and "beyond". Beyond is where the outlook is not other houses, but a series of mini industrial estates on the railway side. What is gratifying is that a number of homes have been built at one point on the railway side of the road, and it would be great for local families and those starting out if more could be built. However as local residents we have received a consultation document asking for feedback on the building of a new, and very large, Shurgard storage "facility" opposite a children's park which would be open 9-6 in the week and 6.00-23.00 on occasion. I am going to object as the current site - Redwing coaches - would provide ample room for additional housing and allow a to return to the residential area that this part of Herne Hill once was. Responses to or call 02073992287, or Facebook. thanks for reading x

LuluInLambeth Mon 06-Nov-17 15:57:26

Has this consultation come from Lambeth or from the would-be developers? What does the Local Plan say about that space (I imagine it's classed as light industrial/employment)?

I can't immediately visualise it as suitable for housing but would like to know more.

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