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Relocating to norwich

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xnataliegx Fri 03-Nov-17 07:55:24

Hi all,

Some advice needed please. I currently live in London with my partner and daughter but we may be moving to Norwich because of my partners work.

Any recommendations for good primary schools and best places to live in Norwich? As we don't really know where to start.

Thanks! Xx

Extua Fri 03-Nov-17 09:08:27

Are you going to be renting or buying? What kind of budget do you have?

Avoid west earlham, larkman, mile cross, heartsease, parts of lakenham. I've noticed a lot of properties come up on cadge road/motum road/beecheno road which are places I'd never want to live (and I live quite near there).

Thorpe st Andrew, Sprowston, the 'golden triangle' (priciest area), 'silver triangle' (more up and coming), Costessey are all fine. Slightly further out villages such as stoke holy cross, poringland, bawburgh, easton, rackheath, brundall etc are nice. Plenty I haven't mentioned but it's a start without know what you'd want? Lots of nice schools in the nicer areas.

If budget wasn't a problem for me I'd choose the golden triangle. I used to rent in the area and it's just lovely, good schools, mix of students, professionals and families.

Extua Fri 03-Nov-17 09:08:57

I think most of the places I listed come up on Google so you can get an idea of areas

Extua Fri 03-Nov-17 09:09:59

Hellesdon, Drayton and taverham are good areas too

quirkychick Fri 03-Nov-17 16:26:10

We're in the golden triangle, near the A11 for access to London, walking distance to the city centre. Lots of good schools, independent shops. Not much parking (though if you've been in London that's probably familiar). I agree with other areas mentioned, all nice.

Misty9 Sat 04-Nov-17 00:20:06

It depends on your budget and what sort of area you like - near the city or more village type feel? There are quite a few good primary schools - round here it’s lakenham and bignold - but secondaries are currently a different matter if your dd is close to moving up. Wymondham has good secondaries and is close to norwich depending on where you’d need to commute to in the city (traffic can be awful).

xnataliegx Wed 08-Nov-17 09:30:50

Hi all,

Thanks for your messages gives me an idea on where to start. Our daughter won't be starting primary school until next year so we won't be thinking of secondary schools just yet lol. We are hoping to buy and would prefer to live near the city. It all feels very scary!

Thanks! Xx

Cassandrasays Fri 24-Nov-17 21:58:23

don't even try to drive into Norwich. The City Council are making it a nightmare - which is a shame as there are lots of good places on the outskirts. Best thing is to live centrally so you don't need to get involved with their v silly road system and expensive buses. Or in a village on one of the trainlines if you want countryside. good luck

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