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Looking for new friends in Kingswood.

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lealea7 Wed 01-Nov-17 20:26:09

Looking for friends for myself (and hopefully for my kids too). Is there any mummies who would like to meet up for a chat and possibly grab a coffee/play date? I have 3 children 1 girl, 2 boys (aged 8, 5 and 2). During the week I usually have my 2 year old with me but happy to meet up with just him during school, or after school with all kids or just grown ups on some weekends. You don’t have to have your kids with you if they have school/nursery, just looking for some adult company to have conversations with as hubby works long and unsociable hours!! Feel free to message me. Look forward to hearing from you x

Joolsy Thu 02-Nov-17 15:39:54

Hi there, my name's Julie and I live in Kingswood and have 2 daughters aged 8 and 14. I'd love to meet up sometime. I work 3 days a week so maybe after school one day or at the weekend, probably with just my youngeset? When would suit you? I can do most days xx

lealea7 Thu 02-Nov-17 17:37:22

That sounds fab!! Yeah that would be great as my 8 year old daughter would love a friend to socialise with. I would have to bring the other two along with me, but I’m sure they could keep theirselves busy, lol. I’m usually free after school as hubby sometimes works lates. What days do you work? Where abouts in Kingswood do you live?

lealea7 Thu 02-Nov-17 17:40:20

Forgot to say I’m free most weekends aswell (with or without kids), definitely happy to meet up without kids if you prefer some grown up conversations if that’s possible for you.

Joolsy Thu 02-Nov-17 18:21:47

I've PM'd you x

Nicola2887 Wed 08-Nov-17 21:59:41

Hi I'm nicola and I live in kingswood I have 2 boys and a girl x

lealea7 Thu 09-Nov-17 10:57:21

Hi Nicola.

Which part of Kingswood do you live? I’m near Cossham hospital. How old are your children? Xx

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