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Primrose Hill or Richard Cobden Primary?

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OMVM2 Mon 30-Oct-17 16:32:09

Wonder if anyone had any experiences with these schools?
Ofsted reports seem to be quite old so not sure they give an accurate view of both schools.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Thesqueezermustghost Mon 30-Oct-17 20:41:46

I know people happy with Richard Cobden. They are fairly far apart, so am wondering if you have excluded Hawley and others.

OMVM2 Mon 30-Oct-17 21:06:11

These are the two that have space for my son at the moment. The only other ones were Rhyl PS and a Catholic one but we are not Catholic.

We are moving to NW1 and the closest is Primrose Hill but I have a daughter in secondary and the only places for her are Haverstock and Acland which I’m not keen on, and Regent HS which she really likes. This is only why I looked at Cobden as it’s close so they could walk together..

I will give Hawley a call to see if they definitely don’t have any places - I was given information by the Camden admissions team but when checked with schools directly, they had more up to date info.

Any recommendations as to which one to go with please?

Thesqueezermustghost Mon 30-Oct-17 21:27:48

I am interested in your thoughts on Acland and RHS, as I am currently choosing for DS between them.

OMVM2 Mon 30-Oct-17 22:32:02

We were put off Acland by couple of things, some more personal than others - the obvious thing being two bad Ofsted reports in a row, I'm normally very sceptical with regards to Ofsted reports but two bad, one after another - must be a reason for these.

It is the furthest one away from us, we are not familiar with the area as yet and when driving through the route, Im not so sure I'd be comfortable with daughter walking there.

Another one is that it is a heavy boy school, boys can be very disruptive at this age and the reason for her wanting to go to the mixed school is to have the balance..

Then there is the documentary on Channel 5.. absolutely put me off!

And last, although daughter thinks it is a positive, the no uniform thing is not my favourite. I went to a non uniform school and it was pretty hard - judged for wearing not the right clothes, not the right trainers, etc. At least with the uniform, it is easy and one thing less to worry about bullying-wise.

What we like about RHS is the partnerships they have, the variety of accreditations and simply things they came up with, like the CD for literacy resources, etc. It just tells me they try and encourage to try.

Good Ofsted reports - must be doing something right.

I like the facilities (I know this should be the least of factors) but.. daughter attends a very good school at the moment, oversubscribed, in a very privileged area but the school facilities are so poor I feel sorry for the kids. All run down and dingy dark. So for me, if for a change she can have nice environment to learn in, it's a bonus! She was pretty impressed too smile

And I like how she's walk on the main, busy road. But this is very personal..!

Our other closest school is Camden School for Girls but that is pretty impossible to get into, and she is so not keen on all girls school! We put an application in but no high hopes!

Now, all of the above is just my research and my personal feeling about both schools, we have never lived in the area and only moving next month; I don't know any parents who would have given me their opinion so I might be totally wrong smile

mrsmayitstimetogo Fri 24-Nov-17 12:06:27

We're local.
What age is your son?
I have friends w kids at Primrose Hill, & Rhyl - they're all really happy w the schools. Camden schools are GREAT, and as far as I know, all those schools are popular and pple are happy there. Rhyl has completely turned around over the last 8 years, and now has an amazing programme of outdoor/food education - is really inspiring. P Hill has been solidly popular and successful for many years. Depending on how old yr son is, you cd also think abt Kings Cross Academy (I think it goes to Yr 2 at the moment - or is it Yr 3 now?) Which are your nearest schools as the crow flies? you shd probably put your name down for all of them; there's not loads of movement, but there might be some.

On secondaries, for various reasons I'd choose AB over RH every time - but again, I think they are both good schools. There's a slow but steady flow of children into AB from nearby schools, which I think is a strong recommendation; I've yet to hear of moves in the other direction. BUT, it does depend a bit on how old yr DD is; some years really are very very boy-heavy (this is a problem I really think Camden need to address - it's just not ok to have so many girls' schools, and only one boys' school - it messes up ratios). Have you thought of Parliament Hill?

OMVM2 Fri 24-Nov-17 12:30:51

Thank you for your thoughts!

I decided to go for Primrose Hill as everyone is very positive about it and it’s only about 120 meters away from us..! Son is 9, in yr4.

Daughter got offered a place in Parliament Hill so we will go with it - any thoughts on this? I have not researched the school much as it was further away.

Thank you very much for your help, so stressful when you don’t know the area at all...!

mrsmayitstimetogo Fri 24-Nov-17 12:51:23

Parly is v popular locally, and PH likewise - both have good reputations and lots of happy parents. I don't think you'll regret either choice!

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