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Chorley and surrounding areas

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MercuryRising Sat 28-Oct-17 18:14:31

Hi. We are looking to move into the Chorley area from buckinghamshire. We drove up today for a look around but were left overwhelmed as we didn't really know where to start.

We looked at Buckshaw Village. My dp loved it. Does anybody who lives locally know what it is really like? It is lovely and new but is there a sense of community?

We are looking for an area with good schools and a sense of community. Any advice would be gratefully received.

AnyaMoondial Thu 02-Nov-17 04:42:49


I don't know first hand but I did used to have some friends that lived there. It's a nice, safe quiet area I think but there isn't much around in terms of shops/cafes etc so I think it does struggle in terms of a sense of community. This was before they had children though and there are definitely baby groups etc so it might be easier to meet people there once you have kids.

Sorry I can't be more help, Hope the move goes well.

MercuryRising Thu 02-Nov-17 06:17:33

Thank you for replying. That is really helpful. We are not planning to move until the summer so we will go up again and see if we can get a bit more of a feel for the area. It is really tricky when you don't know the area to decide where would be best to live. confused

FiveShelties Thu 02-Nov-17 09:29:48

I lived in Buckshaw Village for three years - moved earlier this year. I found it an excellent place to be, good countryside and handy for motorways. There are two schools, a Tesco, Aldi, a pub and a Harvester. Also Subway, Fish and Chips, Italian Restaurant, GP surgery, dentist, hairdresser, etc etc. There is a railway station with good regular service. We were welcomed into the area by lovely neighbours and always felt safe.

I do not have children but around us there were lots, who often played on the green or the many playgrounds. I had never heard of it before we moved there and we spent three very good years there.

Good luck with your move

MercuryRising Thu 02-Nov-17 18:31:11

That is really helpful. Thank you. We are going back up in March so will definitely have another look at Buckshaw Village.

Ilovelblue Tue 14-Nov-17 23:30:21

I don't live in Buckshaw but I worked nearby for nearly 15 years and saw it grow over time. As FiveShelties says, there are a number of shops, pubs, a health centre, school etc and Chorley town centre is only a few minutes' drive away. The railway station has free parking and it's popular for people working in Manchester. There's a community centre which has a lovely little cafe (frequented by all ages) and it also has a swimming pool in there for Mums and toddlers. There is a 24 hour Tesco in Astley Village and a smaller one in Buckshaw itself. The hospital (with limited A&E facilities) is also just down the road. The main A&E for the area is in Preston.

Although I don't live in the Chorley area, I do know it reasonably well and some of the best areas to live would be Euxton, Buckshaw, Whittle and Astley Village as far as I am aware. A little further afield is Brindle but house prices are high there: the others I've mentioned have more affordable costs with flats, smaller and larger houses.

Hope that helps.

AtSea1979 Sun 26-Nov-17 21:45:09

Buckshaw village, Euxton, Charnock Richard and Eccleston are nice.
Avoid Astley Village.

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