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Housing advise family with children with disability

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happyhi1 Sat 28-Oct-17 00:05:12

We would have to enter before then then the landlord as ask his house we led to eviction . Then Barnet house put temperate commendation we moved three houses in since Into month.our son 11 years old went to went through difficulties with his primary school for three years being bullied.

And in was without a diagnosis so last year of October he was diagnosis with autism. We very concerned the effect it has on him all the changes.We have no stable home the housing suggesting another private property ,although they said we are in band 2.
but all houses they found for us private property and always like a one year contract.

This is affecting the children with stability my son has the education health care plan. He's also going to the transition period for secondary school.

I guess what we saying is we don't think this not helping private property because there is no stability.
My son just settle down a new school which he likes. How we ask put us social housing or council house

He gets very agitated when things change .

Does anybody know if anything that would help me to find my family stable home within the housing what We can do?

It's not easy to be in a position of being homeless and not knowing what you're going to live next not knowing where you're going to call home next.

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