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Creating a positive parenting group

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sthandim Fri 27-Oct-17 20:57:21

Holding Space

Creating a partnership of respect, love and play

I have been a mum for four years. When my firstborn was a few month old I discovered positive parenting, a way of parenting that focuses on connection, empathy, respect and avoids punitive methods to manage behaviours.

More recently I came across Janet Lansbury, a parent educator who's approach is rather unique. She advocates for a respectful and authentic relationship with babies/toddlers.

This involves allowing our children freedom of movement - a child will learn to roll/sit/walk at their own pace without any help. It's about nurturing focus and independent play by not interrupting our children. It's about talking to and involving our babies with care giving activities such as nappy changes/bathing/dressing etc.. it's about giving babies/toddlers a safe space to play and explore with minimal intervention. There is so much to it.

I am expecting my third child in March. I am looking for other parents who are expecting a baby in March/April who are interested in learning more about this approach. My hope is to create a group of parents and babies who meet to connect, learn and support each other with the positive parenting principles in mind.

Please get in touch if you are interested. I would be happy to answer questions, tell you more about positive parenting and even meet up.


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