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Who knows Winchcombe well?

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keepittogether Fri 27-Oct-17 11:00:41

Ive had a hard time over the last couple of years in my current location, my children (7 and 10) being bullied by neighbours kids outside my home and at the local park. (spat at, pushed off bikes, hair pulled, pushed off swings, sworn at etc..)
I have been offered a council house in Winchcombe in the Abbots Leys Rd/Binyon Rd area. As far as I can tell its also a bit of a rough area..but is it as rough as I'm used to I wonder? Any insights?

The schools in the area look good, the town looks lovely. But am I going to move from one bad area to another?
Any information on the roads mentioned, surrounding area and if its a good place for kids would be really appreciated smile

lexi26 Tue 31-Oct-17 14:25:46

I grew up in Winchcombe and whilst you're right in thinking that Abbots Leys Rd/Binyon Rd is not the nicest, it's also not the worst either. Every town has it's slightly rough area but Winchcombe itself is lovely and I loved growing up there. I had friends that grew up on the council estate and are at no disadvantage for doing so.

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