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Moving to Benhall - advice pease

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Teaandtoast64 Thu 26-Oct-17 20:44:02

Hello - my grandchild and family will be moving to Benhall in December. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for nursery's / pre-schools and ultimately primary schools nearby? They will need to apply for a school place as soon as they move in.
Also any good places for my daughter-in-law to make friends with other mum's?
Many thanks
Apologies as I have posted this on an other thread by mistake!

MrsMLB Sat 04-Nov-17 16:30:27

Hello I'm in Cheltenham and next to Benhall! How old is your grandchild?
There's lots to do here in Cheltenham, and Benhall is a lovely area! X

Teaandtoast64 Mon 13-Nov-17 18:12:08

Hello! He is 4 and will be arriving in December. They are looking at nursery schools at the moment for him.
Can you suggest places to take him to locally?
Thank you for your reply- much appreciated

EllenJanethickerknickers Mon 13-Nov-17 21:56:19

Just in time to apply for a school place! Make sure they don't miss the January deadline. There is Benhall Infants school which has its own nursery attached. Not sure about other nurseries. The next nearest school is Lakeside.

Teaandtoast64 Tue 14-Nov-17 07:04:31

Love your username Ellenjane!
Yes that's why they had to move before Christmas but thank you for the reminder - it's a big thing!
I think they looked at Benhall preschool but was told it was full.
Thank you both for commenting

Anselc83 Wed 15-Nov-17 18:03:14

My son goes to foxcubs nursery which is in the Reddings. My daughter used to go there too. She now goes to lakeside school. Benhall is a nice area, the nearest schools would probably be benhall infants, lakeside and then greatfield/warden hill/st james’. They are all good schools.

BeyondThePage Wed 15-Nov-17 19:33:31

My DDs also went to Foxcubs nursery and Lakeside infants/primary - really enjoyed both. (with a spell at Elfins pre-school in Hatherley village hall too). They really are spoiled for choice school wise this side of town.

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