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What is it like to live in Doncaster?

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lukeytmn Thu 26-Oct-17 08:01:04

Hello, my name is Luke and I'm currently living and working in Bristol.

Just to be clear I'm not a parent but am posting on here as I am not aware of a more suitable forum for me to ask this question. If someone could point me in a better direction that would be appreciated.

I am finding it expensive to live in Bristol relative to my wage as a lifeguard and am therefore planning to move when my current rent contract expires.

I have looked into some other places that would be easier financially for me to live in and Doncaster is high up on my list.

No matter how much I research online I can only get figures - how many leisure centres are nearby, transport costs, rent prices etc... Can someone please tell me what it FEELS like to live in Doncaster?

For example:

I feel quite safe where I live in Bristol now to be out at night on my own in dark areas (although I wouldn't in other parts of Bristol).

Bristol feels upbeat and like there is a lot going on relative to my hometown of Middlesbrough.

It also feels more accepting/tolerant for me in Bristol relative to Middlesbrough in areas like wage gaps / race difference / sexuality etc...

If there are certain areas that would be good to live in and ones to avoid (especially if you can explain why) that would also be very useful to me.

Any help would be appreciated


stillvicarinatutu Thu 26-Oct-17 22:14:06

i shall pm you!

lukeytmn Sat 28-Oct-17 10:30:47

I'm happy for a moderator wants to close this now as I feel I got my answer.

I received a few PMs and I'm going to instead focus on Sheffield which looks similar in terms of transport/leisure centres for work/location and would cost only a little more to rent a room.

Thanks for your help


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