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Coffee morning

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Suzanne44 Thu 26-Oct-17 01:06:21

Moved to Milton Keynes . Making friends is not as easy as it sounds . I'm a mum of 5 and my youngest is 3 . I'm an older mum . I worry how old is to old at the school gates . Need female company and not just kids all day and a husband who is never there .

Wetwashing00 Thu 26-Oct-17 01:20:02

Get yourself to a sure start centre, there’s loads in Mk.

Givemeallthechocolate Mon 06-Nov-17 09:15:16

I'd be well up for a coffee morning! Not in MK- but Bedford, fairly new to the area too!

greatbigwho Wed 08-Nov-17 12:53:40

whereabouts are you? smile I go to a lovely playgroup on a Tuesday morning in Oldbrook that's very friendly smile

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