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Moving and need to choose area - Otford? Kemsing? Hadlow? Weald?

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nalabala Wed 25-Oct-17 21:37:44

We are moving into Kent and need to be able to commute to Dartford within half an hour. I am looking at larger villages and so far found Otford, Kemsing, Weald and Hadlow as husband sometimes needs to go to Heathrow as well.
We have 2 kids (age 2 and 4) and I am a SAHM so need to meet other mums or i climb the walls!
I know nothing about the villages so far - any feedback - are the good for SAHMs with preschoolers and primary kids? Is one better than the other? Is it easy to meet people?
thanks in advance!

cuckoonest Sat 04-Nov-17 12:23:30

Did you get anywhere with your search? If it were me, I would favour Otford and Kemsing for getting to Dartford, for purely logistical reasons. They are on the northern side of Sevenoaks, so you would have removed some of the possible back-ups which could get in your way en route. Both are nice villages. Otford is lovely, with an active community, nice play area, couple of pubs, cafes, train station (not main line to London but commutable), close to a big supermarket. Bit of a flooding risk in the centre of the village, and some of the country lanes have become cut-throughs and I personally wouldn't want to live on a lane there without a pavement. Kemsing is a village in two parts and rather strung out, but has several pubs, garage, village shop, post office, community hall etc but is a little further away from supermarkets and bigger towns, and close up against the motorway in places. It has a pretty strong community, I think. I don't know Hadlow particularly, but Weald is also a lovely village.

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