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Urgent accommodation for mum and son in Bracknell

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MrsMac76 Wed 25-Oct-17 20:34:25

Dear Mums I hope someone can help. Without going into detail I have a friend who due to a series of events has found herself on the verge of being homeless with a 15 year old son. My friend is a good person who has had terrible luck. She has worked in a professional job all her life but due to a string of circumstances finds herself in this terrible situation. She is claiming housing benefit and despite having 6 months rent in advance and a guarantor can't find a landlord willing to help. She has family out of the area but doesn't want to uproot her son due to his GCSE's. I am a civil servant but I am shocked that there seems to be such a lack of social housing for women in such circumstances. I had no idea how to help so thought I would post on this forum. If anyone knows of a landlord with a heart who has a 2 bed flat or house in or around Bracknell please respond to this post. As I say she has 6 months rent in advance and a guarantor. She has lived in her current accommodation for 14 years.

Thank you for reading

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