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CanD18 Mon 23-Oct-17 18:33:58

Hello everyone smile Will be relocating to Scotland in May of next year with DH and our 2 wee ones - 7 and newborn. We have been looking at Linlithgow as would like to be near Edinburgh or have good transport links to it, but budget is relevant. Linlithgow seems ideal for families, safe, has good schools, amenities and character, but we aren't looking to spend more than 700 on rent (will rent initially). Moved search to central Scotland and areas like Stirling and Perth, but feel very overwhelmed! It's important for there to be good schools, near countryside (we are outdoorsy people), but not so far out that feel isolated or unable to find a leisure center, library or movie theatre - basically some decent civilization lol. Any advice would be so appreciated!!!

carolinexiao Tue 24-Oct-17 20:00:41

Hello! We've recently moved to the outskirts of Perth (Almondbank) and it's nice - very near countryside but only 15 mins to central Perth and near the motorway junction so well-connected. I don't know about schools I'm afraid as my little one is only 16 months. Hope you find somewhere nice!

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