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Thinking of moving to Little Chalfont/Amersham

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mumtothreefairies Mon 23-Oct-17 13:21:19

Hi All, I'm in some dire need for advice. Im planning on moving to Amersham and hoping my Eldest DD will start sixth form (Sept 2018) we are hoping she will get into Dr Challoners.
My issue is I have twin DD's who will be year 9 (Sept 2018) and I need to understand is there movement within Dr Challoners high school for girls and how likely is it they will be offered school places for September.
Has anyone moved their DC during secondary school and the whole process.
If they dont get in whats my alternative?
Any advice would be welcome.
Thank you all

pollymere Tue 24-Oct-17 17:54:07

You also have the option of Chesham Grammar for places but they'll still need to pass an entrance exam for either called the Late Transfer Test. It will also depend on places becoming available. I don't know about Challenors but CGS currently has no anticipated places in Year 9 at all and Challenors usually has the greater competition. If they don't pass there are several fantastic schools in the area depending on their interests. The nearest being Amersham school.

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