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BusyBee786 Mon 23-Oct-17 12:23:21

Hi everyone

We're currently house searching in Leeds and we saw a lovely house in Rothwell but know nothing about the area. Having looked at North Leeds areas which are vibrant and diverse, this area lacked this. Would be great to get any insight from fellow residents or anyone who has better knowledge of the area.

Our main concern is whether there any ethnic groups residing in this area?


UpsyDaisysarmpit Mon 23-Oct-17 23:40:13

Yes there are, I've noticed increasingly, different ethnic groups residing in Rothwell. Not massively so, but more diversity there than in the neighbouring villages (I live near there so I know). I like Rothwell myself, and would definitely live there. The park is lovely for families and I often walk there (quite a long walk for us, approx. 45 minutes, but a good way to spend a summer day). If you live in Rothwell, you have plenty of amenities and there are new businesses opening there all the time. There's a nice library, Morrisons, supposed to be plans for a new Aldi being built shortly, plus you are in the catchment for a lot of primary schools.
Hope that helps!

ruthieruthuk Wed 25-Oct-17 01:14:52

I heard that new train line gonna be built through Rothwell which put me off

Apart from that looks an ok area

We settled on Whinmoor, East Leeds in the end, very happy here n on the edge of the countryside

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