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Car Share / Taxi Share for School Run to St Anselms, Birkenhead from Little Sutton / Ellesmere Port

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cmc4 Sun 22-Oct-17 14:48:04

I'm considering sending my son to St Anselms, Birkenhead next September 2018. I'm trying to consider all travel options, as working parents we won't be able to drop off and collect each day! The main bus starts in Eastham which means a drive to the bus stop each morning, or a walk to a train station to then have to catch a different bus the other side!.....As it seems a bit of a trek I wanted to gauge if there were any other local parents experiencing the same problem, and if there is any appetite for us like minded parents organising something ourselves, like a shared taxi/minibus etc??? If anyone has any thoughts or interest please let me know. I would personally feel much happier with a 'direct' option even if it was a bit more costly than public transport just for the peace of mind.

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