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Help with Secondary school choice in St Neots

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LilyFlower2222 Sun 22-Oct-17 11:44:43

DD is in year 8 and very academic. We recently Moved into the area. On applying our first choice was Longsands as it's got better results. However, they were no places so she started at Ernulf and has made friends and settled. Few days ago we had an offer from Longsands that a place has come up. No idea what to do as it seems academically DD is already falling behind but has settled well socially. However, sending her to a new school and starting over will be hard but if they're better academically and offer more subjects then seems a better option?
We have no idea of the schools as we are knew to the area. Please help. Thanks.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sun 22-Oct-17 15:52:05

Honestly? I don't like either but Ernulf is bloody awful.

If she's in year 8 now I would look at seeing if there's an option for a Y9 entry at one of the better Bedfordshire schools. Sandy Upper school has been turned around in recent years. You could bolster her socially by getting her involved with a club or group that has a high proportion of students attending the school of your choice so she knows some people when she moves.

I'd also consider a school in Cambridge like St Bedes maybe?

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