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how are the provisions for high functioning autism in leeds ?

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Roseyposy Thu 19-Oct-17 13:48:09

I am seriously thinking of moving out of my area as the support for high functioning autism is a joke!!!!
I have the chance to move to Leeds to be nearer my brother but am worried I will make a big mistake and find its just as bad to where we Are living now.
Are there any secondary schools that go above and beyond to help children like my son achieve their potential without an EHCP plan, Will CAMHS support the emotional and behavioural needs of my child even though he is high functioning, are there any social groups for high functioning autism where my son can meet like minded people it would be absolutely fabulous if anyone knows of a social get together of children that have high functioning autism AND challenging behaviour.

I am happy to move outside of Leeds if the provisions are better.

Think I might be too optimistic!!!!

UpsyDaisysarmpit Mon 30-Oct-17 12:08:39

It's pretty dire here too sad. Leeds are known to be having to claw back money as they have had to borrow to meet need.
Why has he not got an EHCP? Camhs has a very long waiting list like everywhere.

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