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Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace (Penge)

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Fishinthesink Wed 18-Oct-17 21:21:03


Are there any parents here with children at this school who could give a bit of feedback? We've been to the open day and I had mixed thoughts (I am not a fan of Harris generally but that's a bit tough luck in Bromley). In reality though, it's the only school we're guaranteed to get into on distance criteria- Harris Kent House and Dulwich Wood are the other two possibles (plus Adamsrill and maybe Paxton depending on siblings, but those two give a logistical headache).

The early years looked good, and I liked the free flow, but was wondering if it was actually like that all day in practice? I was a bit surprised that there was so little mention of the visual arts, too- and thought this was reflected by the wall dispays which were only literacy-focused.

I also thought the older years seemed a bit staid- desks in rows, no class discussion happening, although of course it's only a snapshot.

We don't actually know anyone with kids there- the other children on our street seem to be at HKH (although the 'catchment' is contracting) and St John's (not keen on a church school). So really keen to hear any personal experiences!

Thanks so much.

3kidscrazy Sun 05-Nov-17 21:29:15

My children have just started reception and so far it’s been lovely. The teachers seem great and there does seem to be the free flow. The head seems really involved and available to listen if you have questions. It’s early days but so far we’ve been happy.

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