Is Kirkby Lonsdale a good idea for a place to break our journey back south?

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mustardcream Wed 18-Oct-17 16:00:41

Hello, we're having a holiday in (north) Cumbria next year to celebrate our significant wedding anniversary and are looking for ideas for a good location for a night on the way home (travelling back to London) to break the journey and see a different part of Cumbria. Would Kirkby Lonsdale be a good place to stay? If so, any hotel recommendations please?
If you know of a nice town to stay in I'd be pleased to hear about it. Thank you

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TheCumbrian Wed 18-Oct-17 16:59:09

The Plough at Lupton is nice and not far away from junction 36 of the M6 (half way to Kirkby Lonsdale from the M6)

Kirkby Lonsdale itself is nice, whereabouts are you going in North Cumbria?

Eolian Wed 18-Oct-17 17:26:30

Kirkby Lonsdale is absolutely delightful and a perfect place for a stopover. Pretty old buildings, quirky little shops, umpteen lovely cafés. Also, worth a little walk to 'Ruskin's View', a lovely view out over a sweeping bend in the river. Walk through the churchyard to get there.

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