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LocalEditorRichmond Wed 18-Oct-17 14:03:24

What plans do you have for Halloween? Being a school day, would you sill celebrate as usual or would you try and celebrate over the weekend? What are your views on Trick Or Treating?

scottdoyle Thu 19-Oct-17 14:19:48

I moved from Grove Park in Chiswick in June and last Halloween there was packed full of kids coming in from all over as it’s relatively low traffic, a nice area, and a fair few North Americans. I’m now in St Margarets and I’m hoping for a good participatory effort in the neighbourhood as it’s full of families. I know some people begrudge Halloween and Trick-of-Treating as a creeping American”ism” but really it’s a bunch of fun for the kids. My decorations are up and I’m stocked up on candy!

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