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Where to go for Christmas Day dinner.

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JonSnowsButtocks Wed 18-Oct-17 10:52:06

My family has decided they want to go out for Christmas dinner we have all age ranges 90-0 to cater for. Great grand parents would like somewhere cosy and homey feeling but we also need to find somewhere child friendly. Menu can’t be too fussy  I know but some of them are a really fussy but happy enough with soup, turkey, Christmas pud you know the usual. All of this needs to be easy enough drive 30-40 mins to Wishaw hospital as I’m due about then. Price isn’t too much of an issue. It could be nice to be able to sit for an hour or so afterwards to chat as well but that’s excess to requirements if the rest of the boxes are all ticked.

All recommendations welcome obviously we need to decide ASAP or we won’t get a booking. Here’s hoping.

Justgotobed Wed 18-Oct-17 18:05:15

Hi, how about the Radstone hotel, just off the M74 & super easy for WGH.

I've not been for Christmas (menu looks nice this year) but weddings and lunch with friends have been nice, lots of big comfy chairs/sofas for a bleather after the meal.

All the best with the new wee one Christmas baby's are lovleysmile

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