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Soft play - the good and the bad

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claygatedaddy Tue 17-Oct-17 18:06:10

Two utterly and totally contrasting experiences today.

Firstly we went to Xcel at Walton, where we have taken our son before. They asked his age and we said “just under two”. To which the lady in reception politely explained that the rules were he had to be above 2 years old. I pointed out that he had been there before, when indeed there were many other younger children and we had driven half an hour especially. The lady on reception said that it should be fine “just this once” and she would speak to “Dan on soft play”. I will keep this entirely factual but Dan was incredibly rude. He did not even look me in the face, he just pointed at the sign on the wall and the only words he uttered was as “it says there clearly on the wall”. He made no other comment. When I said we had driven half an hour especially he just looked at me (actually he didn’t, he looked at the floor) and shrugged. Not even an apology. Personally I think health and safety gone mad (but clearly they were not that bothered as had never asked when we had visited before), but accept they have rules and insurance and do not have the let us in.

However. The poor manners and frankly rudeness were totally unacceptable. The ladies on reception were polite and said sorry but Dan, frankly, is responsible for the fact we will NEVER use any services at that leisure centre again.

Now. Contrast this experience with Kidabulous at Sunbury on Thames. Four times as big. And as we arrived quite late (due to the aborted Walton trip) they let us in for a reduced rate. Much cheaper than Xcel.

But more importantly contrast the approach:

“how old is your son”
“Not quite 2”
“Well there is an upstairs room just for smaller children, however he’s very welcome to use the main play area as long as you don’t mind going in with him”.

I know where we will be going in future. And it won’t be Xcel.

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