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Otford school and commute options

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zodiacking Tue 17-Oct-17 11:39:09

Our DD was accepted by St Michael's school in Otford. I really liked the school, the staff and amazing facility/grounds. However, I am concerned that the main road leads to the school (Pilgrims way) has no pedestrian path on some sections and there is no school bus service.

I wonder how parents take their kids to St Michael's if not driving and if there are some secret footpaths that can avoid the busier road, so her grandma (cannot drive for health reasons) can pick her up?

Separately, we are looking to buy a property in Otford and wondering what are the nicer streets to live in, in terms of safety and also space (we would like to have a large garden).

Finally, I know there is a commuter bus going from Otford to Canary Wharf; however it leaves very early in the morning. Wonder what are the other options (aside from driving) going to canary wharf?

7OaksDad Sat 21-Oct-17 13:02:15

House wise I don't think you'll find a shortage of places with large gardens in Otford. The roads off Shoreham road and/or anything up past the parade of shops on Otford road seem especially spacious.

Commute wise train would be fastest, rather than heading to Victoria take the local stopper/cycle/drive to Sevenoaks and change for a fast London Bridge train and then on to the Jubilee. From late next year they'll be direct fasts to London Bridge from Otford making this journey simpler.

Sorry not sure on paths you st Michaels, the school would be best to ask. Russel House is another independent option in Otford that is much easier to walk to, directly opposite the station.

Hector2000 Sat 23-Dec-17 22:56:39

There is no walk to school option except for those living immediately adjacent to the school grounds (St Michael’s Drive, that part of Pilgrims Way). An important factor in our not wanting to stay beyond Y6.

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